About Remso

Remso W. Martinez

Hello! I am a digital marketing professional based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I began my journey into this awesome field seven years ago by starting a podcast out of my college dorm with my brother.

From there, things grew way bigger.

I started by managing social media accounts for other people, blogging, building websites, and eventually transformed all these previously disconnected skills into a passion and profession that gives me the chance to work with businesses and brands all over the world to help solve their digital challenges.

I’ve been the social media coordinator for a major national news outlet while also mentoring small business owners.

I’ve helped elected officials understand how to connect with their constituents online.

I’ve crafted digital strategies from scratch for non-profits and tech start-ups, increasing their lead generation and sales from zero to beyond expectations.

I’ve helped podcasters build platforms from the ground up and created email newsletters for high-profile celebrities.

No job is too small, no dream is too big.

I know it can be overwhelming to get into online marketing when you’ve never done it.

The obstacles may seem challenging, but your solutions already exist.

Let me help you find them!